The Doctor Who Episode Reviews Site Mission as of January 2013

Fifty years… That’s a lot of Who. The Doctor with his eleven incarnations has appeared in over 230 serials on our television screens. As of this writing in January 2013, if I started watching Episode 1 now and continued with each episode back to back, I’d be watching Doctor Who for over eleven days… straight… no breaks, no sleep, no time vortex.

So, where do I start? At the beginning, of course. I plan to put out at least a review a week (if I hold to that pace, I should be caught up to the current shows in about five years assuming new Doctor Who episodes keep being produced). So, let me take a deep breath, fortify myself with a jelly baby, and get cracking.

One of the first things to get out of the way is what material to include… and what to ignore. The quick answer is
I will be reviewing all televised episodes of Doctor Who as produced by the BBC. That said I reserve the right to break my rules with the following exceptions:

  1. Exception 1: Because of the shortsighted policies of the large networks in the 1970s, several Doctor Who episodes from the first two doctors were destroyed. Luckily, they all at least still exist in audio format and have been released by the BBC with linking narrations. So: For lost episodes, I will be relying on the audio releases.
  2. Exception 2: The eighth doctor appeared in only a single televised movie. We never saw the eighth doctor regenerate into the ninth, so to me it seems like there is a disservice being done to number eight. Big Finish stepped into this void and produced, and BBC Radio 7 aired, audio-only dramas of the eighth Doctor. So: For the eighth Doctor, I will be reviewing any audio drama that was broadcast by BBC radio.
  3. Exception 3: During the fourth Doctor’s era, an episode entitled “Shada” was interrupted by a union strike that halted production leaving the episode unfinished. The BBC is releasing Shada in January 2013 on DVD. So: For Shada, I will be reviewing the DVD release even though the episode was never technically broadcast.

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