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Doctor Who – Episode 002 The Daleks

Episode 002 The Daleks

Season 1, 21 December 1963

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Doctor: First

Companions: Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright

Villains: The Daleks

Setting: The Planet Skaro

Common Who Plot Devices: Alien Invasions, Capture and Coercion, Technology Run Amok, Explosions, The Curious Doctor, An Awful Lot of Running

You wanted advice you said? I never give it. Never. But I might just say this to you. Always search for truth. My truth is in the stars and yours is here. —The Doctor


Synopsis: In this second episode of Doctor Who, we meet that most popular of Doctor Who nemeses: The Daleks.

Arriving on the Planet Skaro, the Doctor and his companions explore an abandoned city.  The metal inhabitants, however, soon reveal themselves and take the crew of the TARDIS captive.  Can the Doctor escape and prevent the Daleks from destroying their peaceful neighbors, the Thals?


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